Neothink Law

Neothink Law and Neothink Lawyers will bring new legal approaches based on fully integrated honesty (the-point law) into the decaying legal arena now based on manipulative truths (a- point law), half-truths, deception, dishonesty. You will learn more about this in Neothink Superpuzzle and Dr. Wallace’s The Neo-Tech Discovery.

For example, Dr. Wallace went directly into the legal arena against the most powerful evil in America, during its peak of power in the 1980s and 1990s, and used new approaches never seen before in the court of law. It was our relentless “war of two worlds” that directly led the way to the Congressional IRS Abuse Hearings and the subsequent IRS Horror-Stories Senate Hearings.

People will be watching the rise of Neothink Law, which will rise from the Neothink Clubhouses. Ambitiously honest lawyers can start a practice much like Bruce Salinski in Neothink Superpuzzle. That law firm would protect innocent businesses and entrepreneurs from existing parasitical lawyers, political- policy law, dishonest a-point courtroom techniques, and ego- justice judges. In other words, such a law firm would protect the value producers from the value destroyers.